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welcoming words from our presidents of the Board

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I present the First Annual Report for Desi Royals Community Services. Desi Royals Community Services was established in year 2019 as a not-for-profit organization which aims to enhance economic, social, cultural and civic engagement. It was established to create a platform which would support local and Community artists through a community development framework.

It is committed to assisting immigrant and newcomer artists in embarking on new opportunities which would help them foster community development through arts, music and performing talents. We are proud to be working with the newcomer and immigrant artists and with the successes and achievements to-date in spite of the challenges and difficulties encountered along the way.

In the life of any organization, there comes a time when it’s important to evolve and change in response to new circumstances and challenges Since its establishment to-date DRCS has been successful at growing and making progress with its partners. We’ve been constantly growing and learning through our involvement with other organizations. Our success is attributed to the community. We are grateful for the ongoing support and generous contribution of our donors, community partners, board of directors and volunteers which, makes us look ahead to new challenges and achievements.

I invite you all to check our website for a description of all programs, make a donation, volunteer at one of our events, or in any other way that would help support our cause and expand our programs.

- Shilpesh Parikh

Our Goals

The following principles or values inspire us and guide our planning, our decision-making, and our daily work.
Respect & Diversity
Professional Integrity
Client Centered

Our Vision

A healthy, caring community and social development where everyone’s safety and well-being is primary.

Our Mission

To provide support and relevant services to all including new comers and immigrants in areas of arts & culture, health and wellness and youth development so that community development is ongoing.

Contribution and help us to Grow

DRCS depends entirely on the support of its volunteers, members and the

community. We welcome the interest and participation of all who wish to

contribute to the artists and artisans from immigrant, newcomer and visible

minorities. Your donation can support many of our programs and events.


You can contribute by becoming our project or event sponsor.


If your mandate aligns with suporting community developmenthrough arts and culture

then please partner with us. We request you to consider DRCS for al your corporate

donations, event sponsorships and gift-matching programs.

If your mandate aligns with supporting community development through arts

and culture then please partner with us. We request you to consider DRCS for

all your corporate donations, event sponsorships and gift-matching programs.

You can become a volunteer.